Ale Diaz

Student at Drake University – Class of 2020
I am a 21-year-old Digital Media Production student working towards my bachelors degree in the School of Journalism and Communications with a double minor in Spanish and Graphic Design at Drake University. I specialize in in a wide range of photography and aspire to grow in video production.


Photo Bureau Intern, current – Drake University Communications and  Marketing

Head student photographer for Drake University Communications & Marketing. I am responsible for capturing important campus events that best represent Drake and I provide assistance in editing video projects. I also assist in maintaining university photo and video archive and libraries. My photography and video work has been featured on Drake’s website, social media and in national/international coverage of Drake events. Click here to see my photo work. 

Photo Editor for Drake Magazine, 2018-19

Photo Editor for an award-winning student-run magazine. I oversaw a team of photographers and provided guidance in conceptualizing shoots. I also edited every photo that went into our magazine with Lightroom and Photoshop. Click here to see one of the issues I worked on. 

Graphic Design Intern, Spring 2018 – Two Rivers Marketing

Under a mentorship program, I worked with a team of three Drake students as a designer to produce a brochure for 2RM pro-bono client partner, Special Olympics Iowa’s Challenge Days event. Click here to see what we designed. 


  • Strong creative eye
  • Competent writing and design skills
  • Highly adaptable to new environments and tasks given
  • Experienced in a wide range of photography
  • Proficient in video editing 


I am experienced in Photoshop, InDesign, Premiere and Microsoft Office. I am also an advanced Spanish speaker. 

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