At Drake University, I have had the pleasure of completing the required courses to declare a minor in Spanish and the ability to consider myself proficient in the language. Initially, I was hesitant to declare a minor in the language because of the poor experiences I previously had with Spanish classes offered in high school and elementary. They were frequently taught by non-native Spanish speakers, which wasn’t helpful due to their poor accents. The classes also failed to expose students to culture, which is essential in order to learn a language. If you aren’t familiar with the culture, it is highly unlikely you’ll be prepared for real-world situations that you can be encounter as a non-native Spanish speaker.  

To my surprise, Drake’s Spanish program went above and beyond my expectations.  As someone who grew up in a Spanglish-speaking home and is extremely knowledgable on Mexican culture, I was able to determine my speaking abilities and find the appropriate course level effortlessly. Not only were all of my courses taught by native Spanish speakers, but I was able to take courses that expanded my knowledge far beyond what I knew of Mexican culture. 

Interested in learning more about my experience as a Spanish minor? Click below to see examples of my work I accomplished throughout my courses.